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The Study allows to deepen the study of the language in the most prestigious language schools in Europe, and the summer campus in the college or family. And’ possible to organize customized programs to destinations at the request of the teachers and chaperones.

Study abroad

We cater to schools of every order and degree, to the university and, in general, to the field of education, offering products and services functional to the integration of the teaching.

To ensure the highest specialization, we are organized into the following divisions:

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Tourism and education Training

Each year our travel agency selects the best destinations for educational travel and educational sector, as well as to the travel solutions most advantageous for the school trips of high school.

The high competitiveness of our offerings is the result of a strong combination of experience of over 10 years and a knowledge of a fairly number of professionals travel and accommodation trust.

We Inperoso Tours, we deal with passion to design experiences of the Comenius aimed to involve teachers and students in the noble aim of “making Europe a single State” (cit. The ministry of Education), encouraging the mobility of individual children and an inclination to multiculturalism.

Operate in the Tourism School " means for us: Timeliness, Passion and Motivation, have a direct contact with the user, directly follow the purchase agreements, to believe in the reliability and professionalism, manage excellent working relationships with the largest tour Operators, have direct contact with accommodation facilities in Italy and Europe, the ability to negotiate with suppliers, gaining experience through the diversity of our customers, have always paid attention to the changing needs of customers and the market, be aware of the importance of the “journey” for every single person, and therefore, have the utmost care and attention for both the small event to the largest event, study the destination with the customer, provide the illustrative material, to believe strongly in customizing and in the information, study the correct media for the presentation of the trip and customize all of the documentation to be delivered to the participants, produce posters and material for communication, have a constant and discreet presence of representatives/carers and professionals.

We have contacts and agreements with the most renowned european destinations: France, Spain, London, Dublin, and of course not only, are some of the main destinations that most frequently deal with.

Projects PON and POR

If you, like us, of the rest, you are of the idea that do and to learn they have to go to, preferably the same step, you would agree that the experience is one of the best schools possible.
The experience of “learning by doing”, which for years we bring forth, is one of our pride: we treat constantly to the stage and professional trainings for over ten years, and we are the pioneers in the drafting of projects, PON and POR.

Projects PON and POR

We treat the National Operational Programmes and Regional since the year of their birth. In a sense, we feel the pioneers of the field.
In addition to the noble premise that lies at the basis of the funding reserved for these projects, 20% of which arise from the seizures of the goods to criminal organizations (the mafia, the’ndrangheta and the camorra), the remaining part is contributed by the European Union, in the case of the POR you will benefit from a 20% contribution by the Region of relevance.
PON and POR are today's choice by the higher return of quality: the goal of the Operational Plans is the formation and strengthening of competences, addressed to the regions of the south and the targets are of great importance

The reduction of the phenomenon of early school leaving in the face of the high drop-out rate

The development of the knowledge society and information

Support, development and incentive of the individual mobility

Integration with the world of work

Development of lifelong education

The training of the teachers and staff in schools

The development and strengthening of equal opportunities

The incentive of an environmental culture

The NOP include practical interventions are offered to schools and to individual students for overall improvement of skills and the reduction of drop-out for the development of expressive abilities, and critical assessment of reality and the phenomena, aimed to the development of problem solving skills and collaborative construction, oriented to an “active participation” in social and political life.

To the teachers and school staff, are reserved for specific training, since their role is a necessary condition for pr with the success of this ambitious plan, with the incentive of a permanent process of “lifelong learning” of global interest.


We have numerous contacts with companies abroad interested in welcoming and training young workers interested in a qualifying professional experience abroad.In support of guys we have in the majority of cases, subsidized accommodation with very attractive tariffs.


A reality such as ours is founded on the importance of the human factor.

We are proud to boast a network of collaborators that you trust and professionals, who like us believe in the importance of the combination between professionalism and humanity.

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